Aesthetic Dinner Workshop Regenera Master Class 2021

Positioning of Regenera with other treatment modalities

-Dr. Faiez Ghanam-

How Regenera is different from other treatment options

How to combine the AMT Regenera with other treatment and first-hand experience on more than 200 patients

Role of AMT Regenera in Alopecia, how to perform an effective treatment and understanding the step-by-step procedure.

Dr. Maiada Magdi Mohammad

Marketing of Regenera treatment to patients.

Learn how to introduce this treatment in your clinic and how to effectively market this treatment to patients.

Dr. Naeem Assaf

New indication and the concept of AMT applied to other indications apart from AGA

Learn about the science behind the success of AMT technology and what is the concept of micrografting. Also what other indications can this technology be applied to

Prof. Antonio Graziano

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